Lachlan Green

Lachlan Green in Norway, 2010

Accomplished fiddler Lachlan Green played with the Canberra Scottish Fiddlers from 2000 to 2012. Lachlan now lives in Glasgow.

Lachlan is an experienced player and teacher of the Scottish fiddle and has learned from some of the world’s best folk fiddlers such as Alasdair Fraser, Nancy Kerr, Chris Duncan, Catherine Fraser, Jenna and Bethany Reid, Hanneke Cassel, Catriona MacDonald, Chris Stout, Gregor Borland and Blazin’ Fiddles.

"The sweetness of Lachlan's playing is a spell you don't want to break. Steeped in tradition, his fiddle music is intense, delicate and moving." Nicole Murray, cloudstreet.

Lachlan has been living in Glasgow, Scotland since July 2012, soaking up as much Scottish music as he can. In 2013 he attended the Shetland Fiddle Frenzy and the Edinburgh Fiddle Festival, and music camps in Scotland and Spain with Scottish fiddler Gregor Borland. In 2012 he attended Ethno Denmark music camp and Harald Haugaard's International Fiddle School at Bredstedt in Germany. He is a regular player at the famous Ben Nevis session in Glasgow.

On 30 June 2012 Lachlan and friends gave a farewell concert at the Ainslie Arts Centre in Canberra. Lachlan performed with Jo Cresswell and Rita Woolhouse as the trio Cresswell Green. Lachlan also performed with his father Phil and fellow Hardanger fiddle player Lins Vellen.

Here is a video clip from the concert featuring Cresswell Green.

Here is another video clip from the concert featuring Cresswell Green.

Just before leaving for overseas, Lachlan and Lins got together as a new duo: Hardanger Feeding Time! They describe themselves as: "A Canberra duo playing Canberra-made Norwegian-style Hardanger fiddles. New-wave folk fiddler Lachlan Green joins experienced Scandi fiddler Lins Vellen to cook up a feast of Hardanger music. For their first course they offer Hardangers stuffed with polskas, hallings & springars. Main course is sympathetically served with mean intervals, gut strings and gravy. Dessert is garnished with trills, mordents and grace notes. If you like your music sweet and spicy, don’t miss this! Guaranteed nut free!"

Here is a video clip from the concert featuring Lachlan and Lins.

Here is another video clip from the concert featuring Lachlan and Lins.

Lachlan also toured Europe from June to October 2011. He attended music camps at Taransay, Dundee, Sweden and Germany, including Harald Haugaard's International Fiddle School 2011. He also went to HebCelt festival in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Here's an MP3 recording of Lachlan performing with George Jackson from Brisbane at the final concert at the Taransay fiddle camp in July 2011:

Lachlan was invited to perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in its February 2011 production of Peer Gynt at the Sydney Opera House. Lachlan performed two solos with his Hardanger Fiddle.

Before leaving Australia in 2012, Lachlan was a member of the group Cresswell Green, with Jo Cresswell (piano and concertina) and Rita Woolhouse (cello). On 15 April 2011, Lachlan, Jo and Rita gave a fine performance as the support act at the Merry Muse in Canberra for Shetland Fiddler Chris Stout and Scottish Harpist Catriona McKay. Cresswell Green also performed at the Music at the Creek festival on 11-13 November 2011.

On 29 January 2011, Lachlan, Jo and Rita performed a Northern Theme Concert at Carey's Cave at Wee Jasper, to go with the chilly temperature of the cave. At the concert they played a range of Scottish and Scandinavian music to an appreciative audience.

Lachlan, Jo and Rita at Carey's Cave

Lachlan launched his solo career in 2009 with performances at several festivals and folk clubs in Australia and overseas, including a packed concert at the 2009 National Folk Festival , and a tour of Australian East Coast festivals in 2009/2010. Accompanied on guitar, bouzouki and bodhran by Phil Green, they play Celtic music influenced by a variety of styles from Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia and North America.

Lachlan Green on the big screen at the 2008 National Folk Festival

Lachlan and Phil performed as a duo at the Woodford Folk Festival, held in Queensland from 27 December to 1 January 2010. Lachlan and Phil also played a week later at the Cygnet Folk Festival, held in Tasmania on 8-10 January 2010. Two weeks later they appeared at the Newstead Live! Music Festival, held at in central Victoria on 22-25 January 2010.

Lachlan christened his new (2010) Hardanger fiddle made by local Canberra luthier Graham McDonald on a mammoth tour of Europe from June to November 2010, including fiddle schools at Skye, Taransay, Dundee, Sweden, Spain, Denmark and the Shetlands.

Lachlan Green sitting by Neil Gow's Fiddle Tree on the banks of the River Spey, Scotland

Demo recordings by Lachlan Green accompanied by Phil Green